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Materials Come together Session 19

National Day of the Enlighteners” dedicated to Bulgarian educators, prepared by Emiliya Velikova
Here ist the link to the song of Bulgaria

Unde esti copilărie?“, a Romanian folk song performed by Elena Stefănuţ

Advent/Christmas Calendar Competition” – new program action in the frame of CODANEC project

The Merry Cemetery of Sapânţa” – presented by Alexandru Perian -> here you can find the contribution

Tabula Traiana”, a poem by Lazăr Dimitrie, recited by Christina Erdei

Makedonsko devojče”, a Macedonian traditional song performed by Tatjana Petrica

Materials Come together Session 18

“A song about the town of Ruse” (Песен за Русе) – a performance by Tsvetan Banev

Aria of Juliet, opera „The Capulets and the Montagues“ of Vincenzo Bellini performance by Maria Pencheva

“Christmas Calendar (Adventskalender) tradition” a presentation by Carmen Stadelhofer

“Around the River” (Край реката) – a city hit, performance by three members of the singing group “Harmony”

“Bunt sind schon die Wälder” – German poem performed by Beatrix Schnitzius

Majo Danilović, Serbia

The Outside is – In

I will keep the windows closed
So that the police hour won’t sneak inside,
But especially because I don’t want the dread to set in.
I’m Emergent!
I cannot go out,
I’d infect the virus with humans.
Why should I venture out
When I have a phobia of outdoors, 
Of wide and endless,
When I have a fear of Nature – 
There’s grass, and dandeLions, sparrows and rooks.
If I am wrong and I venture out,
I’d be run over by polluted air. 
I will upholster the window with mosaics
So that my sense of guilt doesn’t creep out.
What am I to do outside, 
Where the silence of million rejected 
sleeves of dignity latches on. 
The hell am I to do outside, 
When I’m told I’m not for the inside as well, 
But, there, for a breath, for just a few more days!
Because the inside is – out,
And the outside is – in. 

Translation: Tihana Lalić Murić

Luis Hermann, Klasse 5c, Michelberg-Gymnasium Geislingen an der Steige

The art of turning on

Anđelka Roksandić, Belgrad

The season called corona

It is May, the lindens are blooming, but we are still living with information about coronavirus. Before the state of emergency was introduced many people might have thought: „The corona won’t come to Serbia.“ However, unfortunately, the virus knows no borders and it arrived just when the nice weather had started and when I started thinking about new shoes and purse. And they are quite necessary for me (and is there a woman that doesn’t feel the same?!). However, working from home has changed habits, as well as needs.

And the emotions that began to overwhelm me are impossible to describe and measure. Has anyone ever measured the amount of emotions at any point?

While the state of emergency was the only topic of conversation, I wondered what a quarantine stay would look like (believe me, that’s how women usually feel while on maternity leave; the truth is that the reason for staying at home in these circumstances makes our mood completely different). The first thing that occurred to me was Star Wars, a favourite childhood series, when we imagined living on another planet or even a spaceship only with people we like. Very similar to the current situation, it could be said, but in a slightly changed form – we are fighting against some invisible force that ranks us all equally, regardless of gender, nation, religion, part of the world we live in.

The state of emergency, unknown to me until then, was introduced in mid-March. After a fortnight, I went shopping for the first time. Children will finally be able to eat (a whole) orange. Everything is saved and calculated so that the number of fruits can be divided by the number of days and members of the household and everyone gets necessary vitamins. Well, I am not really good at math, but I guess I’ll manage, hopefully.

Time aftger shopping is spent in the kitchen and then, in the afternoon, since I don’t have working hours (fortunately or unfortunately), I start working untill the wee hours of the night. And when will I read all these books I planned, when will I pursue a hobby?! I forgot what boredom was. Well, I don’t know what to do first. I have more duties than in regular circumstances.

When I get to the phone, I talk to my friend to cool down my head a bit. She is also working from home, with a two-year child by her side. The husband is at work. When I ask her how she is coping, she replies with a smile: „She is helping me. She has switched off my computer twice today.“ Well, so what am I complaining about, then? My children don’t switch off my computer. They just keep asking me to play a cartoon or explain homework that they don’t understand.

The almost two-month-long state of emergency was lifted two days ago, so it seems that we are a little more relaxed. However, just a little. Precautions are still recommended – wearing masks and gloves, avoiding hugs and shaking hands, as well as keeping the distance (possibly only physical). Those who can, continue to work from home. Parents with small children, don’t despair! There are still some advantages you do your job without seeing your boss on a daily basis. Can it be any better?

My only concern are my shoes and a purse. In fact, when I think about it a little more closer, I won’t even need the shoes soon because summer is already here. I am off to find those sandals I got at last year’s September sale that haven’t seen the Sun yet, to take for a little walk… around the house.

Valeria Majorov, Klasse 5c, Michelberg-Gymnasium, Geislingen an der Steige

My father and I


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