Lectures will be offered from time to time by seniors to topics they are involved in and would like to share and discuss with others.

The language in which the contribution will be given is indicated.

Here you can find the next lectures:

Tuesday, 1th of Dezember, 19:00 h
Sharing traditions and cultural treasures – a get together Session 2
Moderator: Carmen Rouhiainen
How does intangible culture connect us as Europeans? What customs and traditions can we learn
from our Danube Neighbours? We would like to start a working group where we talk and share
cultural treasures with each other based on different topics: for ex. special holidays, festivals and
customs in your countries, most famous cultural treasures of your country etc. We invite you for a
get-together to discuss ideas for the upcoming working groups.
Language: English as bridge language, mutual help for understanding in all participant languages.

Access via ZOOM:

Meeting-ID: 820 8898 2188
Kenncode: 949148

Join by phone: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdHClzr9F2

Thursday, 3rd of Dezember, 18:00 h
Abuse, Safeguarding and Older Women
Moderators: Bridget Penhale, University of East Angela, Great Britain
This presentation will concern issues of violence, abuse and neglect of older women and the responses
 that have been developing in relation to these issues. It will cover the different types of abuse and
violence that older women may experience, together with the range of settings in which such situations
can occur.
We organise this lecture in cooperation with women’ organisation Sies’te from Ulm.

Access via ZOOM:

Meeting-ID: 869 4769 0731
Kenncode: 479964

Join by phone:: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/knSuD1egf

Monday, 14th of Dezember, 17:00 h
Powerful women: women’s history along the Danube and in Europe
Moderators: Carmen Stadelhofer
Interested in women’s history and want to share knowledge in an international working group? Join
this working group and get to know powerful women, that played an important role in the 19th to
the 21th century in your or other countries along the Danube and in Europe.
Language: English as bridge language, mutual help for understanding in all participant languages.

Access via ZOOM:

Meeting-ID: 864 9080 6165
Kenncode: 921907

Join by phone: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kwzkWptQQ

If you are interested in and like to have more news about our activities, we can add you to our newsletter-list and you will get the information by email or whatsapp,  if new activities are offered.

 Write to  [email protected]  and we will contact you.

We are initiating lectures, working groups and learning groups which at long term will be self-organized. If  you have an activity to share, please get in contact with us: [email protected]

The activities listed above are “pilot” activities,  supported by the State Ministry of Baden Württemberg and the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (Germany)


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