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      Hallo my name is Carmen Rouhiainen,

      I am part of the ILEU team in Ulm. I live in a village close to Blaubeuren.

      It is beautiful there, we have a community baking house we actively use to bake bread in woodburning ovens.

      That is the my cultural treasure I show you.

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      Hallo, I’m Carmen Stadelhofer (CarmenS) and coordinator of the informal educational Network Danube-Networkers.I hope that we will have in the Forum a lot of good discussions about some important aspects concerning our countries, our cultures, our personal life and about our visions of a peaceful and solidary common Europe – and what we can do to contribute .
      For the moment we are starting the project CODANEC- COnnecting DAnube-NEighbours by Culture.. Share with us your personal cultural treasures!

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        Hello Carmen, just read your post about the “Adventskalender” it think it is a very nice idea to present it as your cultural treasure!

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      Hello, my name is Viktoria Kurnosenko, I am very happy to be a part of the ILEU-Team, that I joined in January 2020. Originally I come from Russia and have been living in Germany for 8 years by now. It is been 3 years since I live and work in Ulm, I think it is a very beautiful city with very nice and welcoming people. I am very excited for the new contributions to the CODANEC Project and happy to welcome you to the forum!

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      Claudia Lohmiller

      Hello, my name is Claudia Lohmiller and I’m also a new member of the ILEU-Team Ulm since January 2020. I live with my husband and our 3 almost grown-up children in Ulm-Söflingen.
      My hobbies are canoeing, fly fishing, motorcycling, singing and dancing and getting to know other countries and cultures… and of course also my family.
      I’m happy to be a part of the Danube-Networkers now – and I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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      Leonard Bahlo

      Hello, I’m Leonard Bahlo and I’m part of the ILEU Team since October 2019.
      My personal cultural treasure is LEGO, because it’s a big part of my childhood memories. Check out my article: http://codanec.eu/cultural_treasure/lego/
      I live close to Ulm and my interests are Tennis, technology and listening to music.
      Check out our Projects and take part!

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      Simon Meigel

      Hallo, mein Name ist Simon Meigel und ich komme aus Neu-Ulm. Ursprünglich seit September 2019 unterwegs im Rahmen eines Internationalen Jugendfreiwilligendiensts in einer Archegemeinschaft für Menschen mit geistigem Handicap in Compiègne, Frankreich, wurde ich jedoch aufgrund von Corona zurück nach Deutschland geholt, wo sich mir dann die Chance auftat, meinen Dienst bei CODANEC zur jetzigen Zeit weiterzuführen.
      Mein persönlicher Kulturschatz ist die Musik, da mich diese bereits seit meiner Kindheit begleitet und ich immer wieder die Erfahrung machen konnte, wie durch sie Grenzen überwunden werden können, Verbindungen entstehen und ein neuer Zugang zu Menschen ermöglicht werden kann. Diesen möchte ich sehr gerne mit euch teilen!

      Meine Hobbys sind Sprachen, Kultur, lesen, kochen, Musik hören und musizieren, wandern, radfahren.

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      Simon Meigel

      Now in english:

      Hello, my name is Simon Meigel and I come from Neu-Ulm. Originally I had been on the road since September 2019 as part of an International Youth Volunteer Service in an ark community for people with mental handicaps in Compiègne, France, but due to Corona I was called back to Germany, where I had the chance to continue my service at CODANEC as a part of the ILEU-team.

      My personal cultural treasure is music and my instruments the saxophone and the piano, as these have accompanied me since my childhood and I have always been able to experience how music can overcome boundaries, create connections and enable a new approach to people. I would like to share this with you!

      My hobbies are languages, culture, reading, cooking, listening to music and making music, hiking, cycling.

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