Netuta Stratulat, Galati

Corona – my personal experience

Science fiction becomes reality, we become friends and live with Covid-19, we are living sacrifices, on the altar of salvation. If in Bethlehem God was with us, and in Golgotha ​​God was for us, at Pentecost God is in us. “

Lockdown, was the moment when my soul, unprepared, had to appear before the judgment, before God! Suddenly the life I led passed in front of me, I was overwhelmed by fear, I didn’t do everything, I didn’t fulfill my mission, God forgive me for everything:

– what I could see but I didn’t see;

– what I could hear but I didn’t hear;

– what I could have felt but I didn’t feel;

– what I could have understood but I didn’t understand;

– for all I could realize and I didn’t realize;

– for the forgiveness I could have given but did not give;

– for the joy I could have lived but did not live;

– for the life I could have protected and I did not protect;

– for dreams that I could have fulfilled and I did not fulfill;

– for the unknown in which I could have stepped but I was afraid and I did not dare to step;

– for the love I could have expressed but I did not express it;

– for all that I could create good and beautiful for the glory of Your Lord and Your Divine kingdom, but I did not create.

Lord, who are infinite Mercy and Love Please forgive me, for everything I know and do not know that I was wrong, Please clothe me with Your endless love and Light!

        I am lockdown, at home, panic overwhelms me I am not allowed to go out, I am over 65 years old. These are very hard days, I have no bread, I try to survive, I want to clear my mind of the news that terrifies me. It’s time to “reset”. I start studying for a Master in Economics, you still have me more and more, my mind gradually gets rid of the news that disturbed me. I cook, make bread, stay at home, survive without going to the market. I study with great pleasure, I graduated the first year. I took the projects and exams. I will continue to study to fulfill my dream of master’s degree in economics.

Thank you, Lord, for all the beauty I have seen springing from You :

– for the silent music of Your heart that You have revealed to my hearing;

– for everything I felt good and wonderful in my life ;

– for all your grace of wisdom that you have given me;

– for the light I sipped into my depths;

 -for the forgiveness that by giving I gained the peace of my soul;

 -for the joy of every moment lived in You Lord;

 -for all the spiritual gifts that have enriched my being;

 -for the life that is Yours, a small part of the symphony of existence ;

– for the dreams that took shape through the harmony of Your love for me;

 -for the stranger in whom I stepped full of courage, finding You;

– for the overwhelming love with which you caress me moment by moment!         Thank You Lord for all that I have created through You good and beautiful, humbly bringing praise to Your Divine kingdom, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! “I am the Vine, you are the branches. He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for apart from Me you can do nothing. ” I want to be a fruit-bearing branch!

Netuta Stratulat, Galati

Corona -experienta mea personala

Science fiction devine realitate, ne imprietenim si traim impreuna cu Covid-19,  suntem sacrificii vii, pe altarul mantuirii. Dacă la Betleem Dumnezeu era cu noi, iar la Golgota Dumnezeu era pentru noi, la Rusalii Dumnezeu e în noi.”

Carantina, a fost momentul cand sufletul meu, nepregatit, trebuia sa se prezinte la judecata , in fata lui  Dumnezeu! Deodata prin fata mea a trecut viata pe care am dus-o, m-a cuprins frica, n-am facut totul, n-am indeplinit misiunea ,Doamne iarta-ma pentru tot:

– ce puteam sa vad dar nu am vazut;

– ce puteam sa aud dar nu am auzit;

– ce as fi putut sa simt dar nu am simtit;

– ce as fi putut sa inteleg dar nu am inteles;

pentru tot ce puteam sa constientizez si nu am constientizat;

– pentru iertarea pe care as fi putut sa o dau dar nu a dat-o;

– pentru bucuria pe care as fi putut sa o traiesc dar nu am trait-o ;

– pentru viata pe care as fi putut sa o ocrotesc si nu am ocrotit-o ;

– pentru visele pe care le-as fi putut implini si nu le-am implinit;

– pentru necunoscutul in care as fi putut sa pasesc dar mi-a fost teama  si nu am indraznit sa pasesc;

– pentru iubirea pe care as fi putut sa o exprim  dar nu am exprimat-o;

– pentru tot ce puteam sa creez bun si frumos pentru gloria Ta Doamne  si a imparatiei Tale Divine, dar nu am creeat.

Doamne , care esti Mila si Iubire infinita Te rog, iarta-ma, pentru tot ce stiu si nu stiu ca am gresit,Te rog  ma imbraca cu nesfarsita Ta iubire si Lumina!

Sunt in carantina,   acasă, panica ma cuprinde  n-am voie să parasesc locuinta,  am varsta peste 65 de ani.  Sunt zile foarte grele, n-am paine, incerc sa supravietuiesc, vreau sa-mi curat mintea de stirile care ma ingrozesc.A venit momentul sa-mi dau „reset”. Incep sa studiez pentru un Master in economie,  tot m-ai mult  si mai mult, mintea treptat se elibereaza de stirile care ma tulburau.Gatesc, fac paine, stau in casa, supravietuiesc fara sa plec la piata.Studiez cu o mare placere, am absolvit primul an.Proiectele si examenele le-am sustinut oline.Voi continu sa studiez pentru a-mi implini visul de masterand in economie.

Iti multumesc Doamne pentru toata frumusetea care am vazut-o izvorand din Tine :

-pentru muzica tacuta a inimiiTale pe care mi-ai dezvaluit-o auzului;

– pentru tot ce am simtit bun si minunat in viata mea;

– pentru tot harul Tau al intelepciunii pe caremi-ai darit-o;

– pentru lumina pe care am sorbit-o in adancul meu;

– pentru iertarea pe care daruind-o am dobandit pacea sufletului meu ;

-pentru bucuria fiecarei clipe traite inTine Doamne;

– pentru toate cadourile spirituale care mi-au imbogatit fiinta;

– pentru viata care e a Ta, o mica parte  a simfoniei existentei;

– pentru visele care au prins forma prin armonia iubirii Tale pentru mine;

– pentru necunoscutul in care am pasit plin de curaj, regasindu-Te;

– pentru iubirea coplesitoare cu care ma dezmierzi clipa de clipa!

Multumesc Tie Doamne pentru tot ce am creat prin Tine bun si frumos aducand  cu umilinta lauda imparatiei Tale Divine, DumnezeuTatal, Fiul si Sfantul Duh!

’’Eu sunt Viţa, voi sunteţi mlădiţele. Cine rămâne în Mine, şi în cine rămân Eu, aduce mult rod; căci despărţiţi de Mine, nu puteţi face nimic”. Verau sa fiu mladita care sa aduca rod.


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