Contributions for the CODANEC Youth Competition 2021

Note: This numbering does not indicate any rating, but only serves as help for the evaluation process of the jury.

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Contributions from Bulgaria

1. The cultural identity of the Roma community – nation without borders by Elvira Sashova

2. Ramadan and Kurban Bayram by Mihriban Anatolieva Milcheva

3. Bulgarian folklore – from Thracian and Dobrudzha region by Silvena Petrova

4. The Bulgarian language by Georgi Georgiev

5. Between Christianity and Paganism: The Bulgarian Spring Holidays and Customs by Mihaela Georgieva

6. „Hello, Armenia“ (Barev Hayastan) by Karolina Tadevosyan

7. Traditional Folk Art in the Northern Folklore Region in Bulgaria by Elitsa Dimitrova Zaverdzhieva

8. My traditional wear from the Yambol region / Моята носия by Zheni Yaneva

9. Roma are Europeans by Mihail Mishev

10. Typical Russian costume by Darina Dimitrova

11. The Mamaliga festival – A Bulgarian Spring Holiday and Custom by Gabriela Denislavova Todorova

Contributions from Germany

12. Christmas by Mara Gade

13. Danube dance tour by Daniel Denz

14. “Every beginning has its magic” by Hermann Hesse by Lena Steininger

15. Playing Skat and Doppelkopf by Henrike Starke

16. Prezels by Elena R.

17. Easter Fire by Hannes Dähnhardt

18. Barbecue evenings in summer by Henrike Starke

19. A collection of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm by Manja Raabe

20. Stone symbol of community in Ulm

Contributions from Romania

21. The legend of Bigăr Waterfall by Andreea Ilie

22. Potato remedy by Paula Pereș

23. Țuica by Emmanuel Mihai

24. Good luck vine by Ana Pereș

25. Fasting Food by Mădălina Popescu

26. Passing on a 100 year old costume by Sarah Stăvaru

27. The sânziane by Diana Zlibut

Contributions from Serbia

28. Crochet by Miljana Belić

29. Music by Andjela Minic

30. Old cameras and watches by Davor Rajić

31. Walnut liquer by Vojislav Milunov

32. Lilac days by Milica Kosanović

33. “It’s just a bee kiss” by Tomislav Milunov

34. Wine route by Aleksandra Tomić

35. Work with leather by Darko Radak

36. National Costume by Tatijana Petrika

37. Volunteer work by Dušan Kožetinac

38. National costumes of my grandma by Milica Stanković


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