Creative Writing Competition Gallery

Contributions for the creative writing competition from Bulgaria:

“The Feast of the Dripavata Banitsa” – Dimitrova, Anelia

Living Socks – Dzhibova, Rumyana

Our language of olden days – Uzunova, Veska

The Glagolitic Script (Cyrillic script) – Velikova, Emiliya/ Tsvetanova, Sevda

Contributions for the creative writing competition from Germany:

With Zillen (wooden boats) down the Danube to Vienna – Buchmann, Horst

Writing postcards – Eisele, Margot

Sophie Scholl, a life for freedom and justice – Gatty, Isolde

An own, composed piece of music – Jankowski, Mareike

Memorials Culture – Kooljiwk, Monika

Bedeutung der Leinenweberei im Laufe der Jahrhunderte – König, Rolf-Peter

Profession of master carpenter – Wegemer, Bertram

Contribution for the creative writing competition from Romania:

Christmas and New Year’s Eve traditions: walking with the goat and with the star – Marcovici, Mihaela

Popular dances from Transilvania and Bistrița Năsăud: “Purtata din Feleac”, “De-a lungul” and ”Bărbuncul” – Marcovici, Mihaela

Tassel vest, from the Bistrița-Năsăud area – Marcovici, Mihaela

Egg dyeing, transposed into poetry – Nicolescu, Ana Olimpia

Contributions for the creative writing competition from Serbia:

“Shore” as traditional pastoral game – Bogojević, Dragana

Serbian traditional cuisine – Bošković, Tamara (12 years old)

GROŽĐEBAL – Milunov, Tomislav and Vojislav

Rakija – Paučković, Dušan

Traditional Sunday Lunch – Pavlović, Sara and Jana (12 and 15 years old)

Contemporary orthodox iconography, painted with traditional techniques – Poljak, Minja


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