Contributions for the online collection “Living in the time of Corona”

On this page, you can find the collected texts from our participants of the collection “Living in the time of Corona”


All Bulgarian Pictures

Boris Danchev – Fear or calmness

Dimitrinka Getova – Virtual photo exhibition “QUEEN ROSE”

Emeritus Zhivodar Dushkov – Morning surprise with mask and gloves (mini-feuilleton)

Emeritus Zhivodar Dushkov – What does lack of information lead to (mini-feuilleton)

Emilya Velikova – an appeal/a wedding during the time of Corona/Conspiracy

Hristina Marinova – How Project work helped me to live through the Corona Pandemic

Imren Ismailova-Sadulova – My life during Covid-19

Karolina Ivanova – We are only humans after all!

Kristiyana Damyanova – What are the lessons the coronavirus “taught” me?

Martin Hristov – My conclusions about learning mathematics in the digital environment after the pandemic

Maya Stoyanova – My life during Covid-19

Rumyana Radkova – …Life continues, despite Kovid-19

Sevdalina Georgieva – How Covid-19 affected my training

Sevda Tsvetanova – How we lived in the time of Corona

Sevda Tsvetanova – The hidden potential of literature and art.

Valeri Velikov – A retired amincan / a result of Covid-19 / a georgian online toast during the pandemic

Veska Uzunova – Elderly people in the municipality of slivo pole successfully cope with Covid-19

Yuliyan Trayanov – How Covid-19 change my life


All German Pictures

Andrea Cares-Stadelhofer – Inspirational thought for Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Christel Freitag-Wagner – Life in the times of Corona

Elsa Koch – My friend Felix

Güney Yilmaz – At the Helfenstein

Iris Humpenöder – Masks

Alisa Pomeissl (picture) – Whirlpool

Anna Hruschka (picture) – Drawing during Corona

Anton Häcker (picture) – Zinn kann man sich gießen. Das Leben aber nicht!

Aras Deligöz (picture) – I got a bike

Ashley Klotz (picture) – The Penguin by the Igloos

Bill Volland (picture) – EVO trip to Lake Constance

Daline Lang (picture) – Business before pleasure

Denny Hommel (picture) – My first handball training

Dominic Zelmer (picture) – The 25m fall

Emma Roscher (picture) – Spending time with my family

Enes Likaj (picture) – Sugar Festival

Erina Mehmetaj (picture) – Off to the Netherlands

Helene Brielmaier (picture) – Corona-Maske

Isabelle Böhm (picture) – Zusammen zuhause

Jacqueline Soborka (picture) – Been indoors far too long

Joël Stiepani (picture) – Learn

Lana Pilic (picture) – The sunset

Lan-Trung Nguyen (picture) – Barbecue together

Laura Benacka (picture) – Horse life

Leo Tunc (picture) – Ninja-Warrior-Training

Liam Rosenberger (picture) – In drum lessons

Lisa Hildenbrand (picture) – Games evening

Luis Hermann (picture) – The art of turning on

Magnus Weis (picture) – Viking chess

Marie Kneer (picture) – Happiness

Marie-Christin Rittinger (picture) – My birthday in the Europapark

Marin Perkovic (picture) – The cool car

Marlies Schabacker-Bock (picture) – Upcycling / Kaminholz

Maxi Seibold (picture) – The horse

Melus Polar (picture) – A day in the pool

Mia Tunc (picture) – Corona-Soccer

Mikail Celik (picture) – The father’s helper

Monday Celik (picture) – Quarantine makes hungry

Niklas Schweizer (picture) – The drawing

Ole Zumbrock (picture) – More time!

Rebecca Ziel (picture) – Horse riding with Caesar

Sena Bozoglu (picture) – The Nun

Tamara Rakic (picture) – Corona experience

Theodor Dimitrov (picture) – It’s Coronatime with a pen

Tolga Genca (picture) – Corona in der Schulzeit

Valeria Majorov (picture) – My father and I

Yvonne Sinkovic (picture) – My great-grandmother is getting better


All Romanian Pictures

Adrian Crânganu – The newspaper healed of Covid-19

Alflorin Tene – When i leave, my hometown remains

Ana Ghiaur – Pandemic defeated by joy

Ana Zlibut – Reflections

Daira Selena Popuțe – What do you choose?

Genoveva Tako – Covid 19-lived from the 8th floor of a block of flats in Timișoara

Ionel Aurel Simu – Emissary from hell

Iosif Kovacs – The (un)state of being

Iștvan Ștefania – One word, a world you’ve never seen before

Jura Ștefan-Alexandru – The year 2020

Lucia Elena Popa – Thoughts from the time of the pandemic

Netuta Stratulat – Corona – my personal experience

Simona Perian – Seize the moment!

Titina Nica Țene – Urge

Vlad Șipoș – The harsh lessons of quarantine

Amira Iulia Stănică (picture) – Timisoara, June 2020

Maria Silvia Schinteie (picture) – Corona virus

Miriam Vasiluță (picture) – Distance in the pandemic

Turlea Tudor (picture) – Timiosara, Mai 2020

Zaharia Peres (picture) – The Holy Easter Feast of 2020 in Timisoara


All Serbian Pictures

Anđelka Roksandić – The season called corona

Darko Radak – Corona

Dušica Ivanović – Inhale and exhale

Gordana Simeunović – Spring at the time of corona

Maja Herman Sekulić – Love in the Corona time

Majo Danilović – The Outside is – In 

Natasa Kasas – During the Corona crises

Tomislav Milunov – My life in the age of Covid-19

Tatijana Petrika – Life in the age of virus Corona

Vojislav Milunov – My life in the age of Corona


Péter Körtesi – How the Corona virus helped us to speedily digitalize teaching


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