Start of the CODANEC Project: take part!

„Share your personal cultural treasure. Connecting Danube Neighbours by Culture“ (CODANEC)

We want to make those intangible cultural treasures known which strengthen local and national identity and are worth sharing with European neighbors and younger people.

We want to encourage people of all ages to identify cultural skills and living traditions, share them with other participants and interested people and take part in an exchange of knowledge and information.

We honor the best presentation.

We present the results on the project website, on Facebook, at the Danube-partner meeting in Ulm in July 2020 and in a traveling exhibition.

We will provide a documentation of the living cultures in the Danube region (a book or a video), if we receive a sufficient number of contributions with living examples.


This project has received funding from the Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg and the City of Ulm. This website was funded by BMFSJ.

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