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Advent calender

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Name: Carmen Stadelhofer

City: Ulm

Country: Germany

Category: Tradition


The Advent calendar is initially a Christian custom and has in German speaking countries a long tradition. It is intended to increase the anticipation and the tension of the children before Christmas celebration. From the 1st of December to the 24th of December every child who has an Advent Calendar is allowed to open one small door every day, namely the door corresponding to the relevant day of the month. Behind them are small pictures or more recently sweets. In our family  we  give today  self-made Advent Calendars with 24 small numbered parcels. Seeing them and unpacking one every day makes me  also as adult looking forward to Chistmas with fun and reminds me of beautiful childhood days.


This old custom belongs to me like the advent wreath and the Christmas bakery  to get in a good mood for Christmas  as a festival of peace. Unfortunately this custom has been very commercialized by the chocolate  and other industry in the recent years. For this reason I like the self made calendars with twinny gifts. I like also very much the floating calendar existing in some localities today. For this 24 houses or windows are needed. There is a plan who decorate a window for one number of the calendar.  Very often this event is joint by  a meeting of people, staying for a while together in front of the window, singing Advent songs and taking a hot wine and Christmas cookies together.


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